Unfortunately my service is closed to new referrals due to the Covid 19 pandemic

Under normal circumstances, parents can self refer or their child/young person can be referred by a professional.


If you or your child’s teacher feel there is a likelihood that your child may have ADHD, please get in touch by email. You will be asked to complete the Parent Initial Questionnaire which you can download from here. Please also arrange the Teacher Initial Questionnaire to be completed by the teacher who knows your child best – you can download the TIQ from here. Naomi will arrange an Initial Telephone Consultation to discuss the issues.

Professional referrals

Professional referrals can be made by email or by post to

Dr Naomi Elton
20 Brent House,
50 Wandsworth Rd,
London SW8 2FL

Referrals to the Child & Family Practice will not be picked up as quickly

Please remember to include parents’ names and contact details